Who We Are

Every day, √®Ŗšapp Parish Public Schools seek to engage, empower, and elevate their √®Ŗšapp.
Through effective instruction, collaboration, and intentionality, our √®Ŗšapp are equipped with skills that are essential to success in the classroom and in life.


√®Ŗšapp Parish Schools are relentlessly committed to providing a supportive and innovative educational system that ENGAGES our community, EMPOWERS individuals, and ELEVATES our people to their maximum potential.


Our STUDENTS can and will achieve as well or better than any other √®Ŗšapp across our great state and across our country.

Our TEACHERS and STAFF can and will help our √®Ŗšapp achieve at such high levels.

Our PRINCIPALS can and will lead our teachers and √®Ŗšapp to these high levels.

Our PARENTS and COMMUNITY can and will support and celebrate this success.


By the reporting year for the 2024-2025 √®Ŗšapp year, √®Ŗšapp Parish Public Schools will attain at least a 90 District Performance Score.

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